Restoration of 1802 David Tannenberg Organ
Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison, Virginia
Restored by George Taylor in 1970
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The organ has been in continuous use since its installation by Tannenberg's son-in-law Philip Bachman.
The organ is the finest and largest surviving unaltered example of Tannenberg's work.

8'  Principal Dulcis (stopped metal Quintadena bass pipes)
8'  Gedackt (C-cs' stopped, pine; d'-f''' stopped, walnut)
4'  Octav
4'  Floete (C-e open, pine; f-f''' open, walnut)
3'  Quinta
2'  Sub [sic] Octav
   Terzian (C 1 3/5'; c' 3 1/5')
II  Mixture (C-b 1 1/3' + 1'; c'-f''' 4' + 2 2/3')

Mechanical key and stop action - all original parts
Compass: Manual 54 notes; C - f'''
Case of solid pine - repainted a number of times
All metal and wooden pipes are original - scattered mouse and rat damage has been repaired
Original keyboard with ebony covered naturals and ivory capped sharps
2 original double-fold wedge bellows and pumping levers with quiet blower added
Number of pipes: 486
Equal temperament
Wind Pressure: 43 mm
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