Maita Church
Yokohama, Japan
Opus 63, 2009


Manual I Manual II Pedal Couplers 
8'  Principal (C-B stopped)  8'  Gedackt 16'  Subbass I / PD 
8'  Gedackt  4'  Rohrflöte II / PD
4'  Praestant     
2 2/3'  Nasat 
2'  Superoctave    

Mechanical key and stop action
Keys: Boxwood naturals, ebony sharps
Compass: Manuals, C-g'''; Pedal, C-f'
Metal pipes of hammered or scraped lead-tin alloys
Case and pipe shades of solid American Red Oak
8' Gedackt common to both manuals
Number of pipes: 354
Electric blower
Wedge bellows in base of organ
Phone 540.886.3583