Calvary Episcopal Church
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Opus 59
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8'  Gedackt (wood)
4'  Rohrflöte (wood)
2 2/3' Hohlquinte (metal,  from c')
2' Principal (metal)
8' Regal

Mechanical key action
Mechanical stop action
Compass at a=440 Hz: C-cs''' 
Compass at a=415 Hz: C-d'''
Compass at a=392 Hz: C, D-d'''
Manual,  51 notes C-d''' 
Metal pipes fitted with slide tuners for easy re-tempering and tuning
Case of solid wood with gothic -inspired designs and hand-carved pipe screens
Pipes of lead-tin alloys or seasoned wood made in the builder's workshop
Single wedge  bellows; wind pressure: 65mm
Quiet operating blower
Total stops: 5
Total pipes: 231
Dimmensions of organ and wind system together: 41"H, 25"D, 45" W
Weight of top section (including pipes): 180 lbs
Weight of bottom section with wind system: 90 lbs
Blower and bellows self-contained in base
Also included:
Quilted protective cover
Organist's bench
Moving dolly with pneumatic tires
Ball casters under organ to facilitate repositioning organ
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