Restoration of 1830 Henry Erben Organ
Single Sisters' House, Salem Academy and College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Opus 58, 2008


8' Stop'd Diapason Bass  C-eº 
8' Stop'd Diapason Treble fº-c''''
8' Dulciano F-c''''
4' Violano C-c''''
8' Clarionet F-f''' (reeds), fs'''-c'''' (flues)


Compass: 61 notes
Windpressure: 50mm
Temperament: Young II at original pitch of a=445Hz 
Total number of pipes: 210
Foot-pumping mechanism restored and small electric blower placed inside of lower case
Case cleaned and refinished to original condition

The organ was restored in memory of Maggie Mae Thompson Stockton, Salem College Class of 1919, and Sudie Miller Hancock, Salem College Class of 1911, both of whom were music majors.

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