The First Presbyterian Church
Pittsford, New York
Opus 57, 2008


Hauptwerk   Hinterwerk   Pedal
8' Principal   8' Flöt Amabile   16' Subbaß
8' Groß Gedackt   8' Lieblich Gedackt   8' Violonbaß
8' Quinta  dena   8' Viola di Gamba   4' Octave
8' Flöt Traver  (c')   4' Flöt Douce   16' Posaune
4' Principal Octave   4'  Salicet   8' Trompete
4' Flöt   3' Fistel Quint  
3 1/5' Terz  (c')   2' Hohlflöt  
3' Quinte    8' Vox Humana  
2' Super Octave    
III-IV Mixtur    
8' Trompete    

Compass:  Manuals, 54 notes C to f''' Pedal, 27 notes C to d'
Total Pipes: 1, 217
Manuals:  Ebony naturals with bone overlaid sharps
Manual measurements from 1802 Tannenberg at Hebron Lutheran,Madison, Virginia
Temperament:  Neidhardt 1724/1732
Pitch A= 440 HZ 
Tremulant  to whole organ
Mechanical  (tracker) Key and Stop action in the tradition of Tannenberg.
Three wedge bellows located behind organ case the with levers for foot pumping
Quiet operating organ blower 
Organ case of all solid wood evoking the Saxon style with appropriate carvings and decoration, case to be painted
Console detached and reversed as in the 1800 Tannenberg organ at Old Salem, North Carolina  
Windchests of all solid wood construction
Pipes of lead tin alloys or seasoned woods all made in the builder's workshop
Common pipes:  The Hauptwerk Traversa 8' (from c' ) to share the lowest two octaves  with the Gross Gedackt   8'
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