Constellation Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Opus 50, under contract

Taylor and Boody announces a new contract, our long awaited opus 50, for the construction of an organ closely modeled after the great 1746 Zacharias Hildebrandt organ in the Wenzelskirche in Naumburg, Germany. The project will be the centerpiece of the 800 seat concert hall to be built as part of the new Constellation Center,  a multiple venue cultural center. The building will be constructed on the site of the old Cambridge Gas Works, close to the Kendall Street/MIT Station.

Already more than five years in development, the Constellation Center project led by Glenn A. KnicKrem, will offer authentic performance spaces for early music, Baroque opera, classic American cinema and stage productions. Extensive research has been untaken to analyze the acoustical and architectural qualities of historic European performance spaces. The project has the backing of many of the early music performance organizations in the Boston area. The new concert venue is one of the many features of a revival plan for the area that includes corporate research facilities, shopping, parking and luxury hotels.

1746 Hildebrandt organ
Wenzelskirche, Naumburg, Germany

The organ, at three manuals and 50 stops will, feature a highly decorated case and façade in the style of the Gottfried Silbermann organ in the Dresden Katolische Hofkirche (Court Church) .The organ project includes extensive research components and provides for re-creating historic technology and materials to re-create the Hildebrandt organ. Not since 1863 with the building of the great Boston Music Hall Organ (now in Methuen Memorial Music Hall) has there been a concert hall organ planned of such magnitude for the Boston area. Taylor and Boody is pleased to have been selected for this great work.
Silbermann organ, Dresden Hofkirche, Dresden, Germany

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