Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut
Opus 48, 2004


8' Gedackt (wood)
4' Blockflöte (wood)
2' Principal (metal)
1 1/3' Quinte (metal)
II Sesquialtera (from c') (metal)

Mechanical key and stop action
Compass at a=440 Hz: C-d''' (51 keys)
Keyboard transposable down 1/2 step to a'=415 Hz
Keyboard transposable down whole step to a'=392 Hz
Mechanical key and stop action
Keys of boxwood with ebony sharps
Total weight approx. 200 lbs.
Case of solid white oak
Hand-forged iron handles
Blower and bellows self-contained, 115 volt
built into a separate case which serves as base
for the organ
Protective quilted cloth cover
Cushion tire moving dolly
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