Restoration of 1800 Home Moravian David Tannenberg Organ
Old Salem Visitor's Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Opus 40, 2003
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Hauptwerk Hinterwerk Pedal
8' Principal 8'  Flauta Amabile (wood) 16'  Subbass (wood)
8' Gross Gedackt (wood) 8' Viol di Gamba 8' Violon Bass (wood)
8' Quintadena 4' Flauta Douce (wood)
4'  Principal Octav 4' Salicet
4' Flauta (wood)
2 2/3' Quinte
2' Sub Octav

Hauptwerk/Pedal (Cappel)
Mechanical key and stop action
Compass: Manual 54 notes; C - f'''; Pedal 25 notes; C - c'
Case of solid pine - stripped and repainted
Original reversed, detached console with new keyboards
3 original wedge bellows and pumping levers with quiet blower added
Number of pipes: 644
Wind Pressure: 46mm (43-49mm through bellows excursion)
Phone 540.886.3583