Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia
Opus 10, 1985


Great Echo Pedal
8' Open Diapason 8'  Stopped Diapason 16'  Subbass
8' Stopped Diapason 4'  Recorder
4'  Principal
2 2/3' Twelfth Couplers
2' Fifteenth GT/PD
1 3/5'  Tertia EC/PD

Mechanical key and stop action
Compass: Manuals, C,D-g'''; Pedal, C,D-f'
Kirnberger III temperament
Lowest note for treble stops adjustable: c' or cs'
Metal pipes of hammered lead-tin alloys
Case and pipe shades of solid white oak
8' Stopped Diapason common to both manuals
Number of pipes: 366
Phone 540.886.3583