Restoration of 1891 Hook and Hastings Organ
Louise Temple-Rosebrook, Harrisonburg, Virginia


Great Swell
8'  Open Diapason 8'  Viola (from c º)  
8'  Dulciana (C-cº in façade) 8'  Stop'd Diapason Treble
4'  Octave 8'  Stop'd Diapason Bass
4'  Flute

Pedal Couplers
16' Sub Bass  Swell to Great Unison
Swell to Great Super 8va
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

Mechanical key action, balanced
Mechanical stop action
Compass: Manuals,  58 notes C-a''' Pedal, 27 notes C-d'
Lehman-Bach Temperament  suited to playing in all keys
Case of solid wood
Pipes of zinc, lead-tin alloys or wood
Single parallel-rise  bellows,  windpressure: 76mm
Quiet operating  organ blower
Total stops: 8
Total pipes: 363
Phone 540.886.3583