Continuo Organs
We currently have two continuo organs contracted (opus 75 and opus 76) and will begin construction
in Summer of 2018. The specification of this production run is below. We invite your inquiry for
a new continuo organ as we can readily add another instrument to the production process. If you would
like more information, please write to, or you can
download our current continuo organ brochure through the link below.
8' Gedackt Bass C-b
Treble c'-d'''
8' Principal Treble c'-d'''
4' Rohrflote Bass C-b
Treble c'-d'''
2 2/3' Nasat Treble c'-d'''
2' Octave C-d'''
Continuo organ brochure
(Adobe PDF, 897 kb)
Phone 540.886.3583