George Taylor, a native Virginian, graduated from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. He apprenticed with Rudolf von Beckerath Orgelbau in Hamburg, Germany from 1964-68. He Joined John Brombaugh and Company in 1970 after being self-employed for two years, and formed Taylor and Boody with John Boody in 1977. He lives outside of Staunton with his wife Carol.
John Boody, originally from Wakefield, Massachusetts, graduated from University of Maine with a B.A. in Music. He apprenticed with Fritz Noack from 1966 to 1968, then served in the US Army from 1968 to 1970 during which he spent thirteen months in Vietnam. In 1970, he apprenticed with Fritz Noack again and then with John Brombaugh in Germantown, Ohio from 1971 to 1977. In 1977, John Brombaugh moved his shop to Eugene, Oregon and John Boody and George Taylor founded Taylor & Boody Organbuilders. He moved to Staunton in 1979 where he lives with his wife, Janet. Aside from organbuilding, he enjoys cross country skiing, biking, gardening, and singing with the choir at Trinity Episcopal Church in Staunton. John and Janet have two children and three grandchildren.
Larry Damico
Emerson Willard
Christopher Bono has been with Taylor and Boody since 1988. He primarily makes keyboards, but has been involved in many aspects of organbuilding over the years, including voicing. Originally from Attleboro, Massachusetts, Chris is a graduate of Attleboro High School and in 1988 received a B.A. in Music from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia. From 1984 to 1988 he worked for Harpsichord Clearing House in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. In addition to working at Taylor and Boody, Chris is the organist for St. Francis of Assisi in Staunton and Music Director at Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church in Fort Defiance, Virginia. He lives in Fishersville with his wife and two children.
Kelley Blanton
Robbie Lawson has been at Taylor and Boody since 1996. Primarily a metal pipe maker, he has done some design work and woodcarving, and manages the website. One of the few native Virginians in the shop, he graduated from Stuarts Draft High School in 1990 and prior to Taylor and Boody he worked at C.J. Buggs Import Repair Service doing paint and bodywork on vintage Volkswagens. One of his favorite parts of organbuilding is the experience of visiting other parts of the country and world. Outside of Taylor and Boody he likes photography, collecting Volkswagen toys, collecting and playing pinball machines, and spending time with his wife Katina and their two children.
Thomas Karaffa spent 25 years in the homebuilding industry before joining Taylor and Boody in 1999. He makes all of our windchests, and has been heavily involved in some of our recent restoration work (1800 David Tannenberg organ and 1962 Rudolph von Beckerath organ). Originally from Norwood, New Jersey, Tom graduated from Douglas S. Freeman High School in Richmond, Virginia and attended Virginia Commonwealth University for two years. His hobbies include woodwork, metal (forge) work, hunting and fishing, and primitive technology (stone points pottery, basketry, bows, etc.). His faith is the most important thing in his life and everything emanates from it. Tom lives in Staunton with is wife Liz and has six children and one grandchild.
Robert Harris spent six years doing post-graduate training in internal medicine and nephrology after receiving an M.D. from Medical College of Georgia and a B.S. from Georgia Tech. He practiced medicine in Pensacola, Florida until 1999 when he retired and moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. He then "volunteered" to work for Taylor and Boody part-time, doing whatever they needed him to do. He started by working at the sawmill and then moving into the main shop making small action parts(squares, backfalls, etc.) and also wood pipes, keyboard parts, and pipe racks to name a few. He quickly gave up the ambition of building his own organ after discovering how complicated a pipe organ is. To quote Robert...
"It's been a sheer pleasure to have the opportunity to work in a finely-equipped shop in the company of highly-skilled, meticulous craftsmen, who work together in a spirit of teamwork and pride in their craft. Finally, it gives me a great satisfaction to feel that my work at T&B goes toward the eventual creation of something very worthwhile and uplifting- beautiful and inspring music- and to think that the products of my own workmanship, however small a part of the whole effort, will almost certainly be in service many generations from now, helping to give pleasure and inspiration to countless people."
Erik Boody came to Taylor and Boody in 2005 after working for McQuay International for ten years. He attained an Associates degree in Mechanical Design, a Drafting Certificate, and an Industrial Technology Certificate from Blue Ridge Community College. Erik primarily does CAD design work and electrical work, but also handles some of the maintenance and IT problems at the shop. Outside of T&B he enjoys road racing, autocrossing.... pretty much any type of track event involving something with wheels. He lives outside of Staunton with his wife and three children.
Aaron Reichert came to work at Taylor and Boody in 2005, after an apprenticeship with John Brombaugh in Eugene, Oregon. He has a B.A. in Music from Pacific Lutheran University, and is originally from Seattle, Washington. Aaron has built windchests, reed shallots and resonators, and done some on-site voicing and general assembly of the organ. His favorite part of organbuilding is creating good sound, going on installations, and enjoying the good food while on the road. He enjoys motorcycling, choral music, and just about any aquatic activity. Aaron lives in Staunton with his wife Kristin and two children.
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